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Royal Cuvee Celebration

Say "Thank You" with Gloria Ferrer

Business Wine Gifting

Give the gift of Sonoma-grown sparkling wine this year and delight your colleagues and clients with curated collections from our portfolio. We’ve crafted each selection to offer something memorable and unique to make gift giving even easier. Our knowledgeable concierge team is also ready to help personalize your wine gift sets and provide their expert knowledge of our wines to ensure you leave a lasting impression.

Corporate gifting is a thoughtful way to express your gratitude and thanks to those who’ve made a difference. With these curated Gloria Ferrer Collections, rest assured that your business gifting goes above and beyond.

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Explore our Curated Business Gifting Collections

Essence of Carneros

The Carneros Cuvée is our Tête de Cuvée and an exquisite wine gift selection for this holiday season. Presented in an elegant one-bottle gift box, this decade old wine is remarkably fresh, rich, and complex, representing the ultimate statement of our iconic sparkling style. More than just a gift, this collection is an expression of appreciation, elegance, and joy.

Gift Collection includes:
(1) 2012 Carneros Cuvée
(1) bottle gift box


Royal Cuvée Collection

Make a lasting impression with our exclusive Royal Cuvée Collection. Featuring our 2015 Royal Cuvée in a bespoke one-bottle gift box, this exceptional sparkling wine carries a legacy that began with a vintage shared with the King and Queen of Spain in 1987. Whether shared with a fellow wine enthusiast, a cherished colleague, or a valued client, this collection resonates with a level of distinction that leaves a lasting impression.

Gift Collection includes:
(1) 2015 Royal Cuvée
(1) bottle gift box


Carneros Cuvée Collection

Experience the epitome of our winemaking craftsmanship and the essence of our renowned 335-acre Carneros estate with our exquisite Carneros Cuvée Collection. This collection showcases our mastery in the delicate craft of blending, resulting in wines that are a testament to patience, dedication, and the rich terroir of Carneros. Including our 2012 Carneros Cuvée and 2017 Carneros Rosé and presented in an elegant two-bottle gift box, this collection is more than just a present; it's an experience that embodies the passion we put into each bottle.

Gift Collection includes:

• (1) 2012 Carneros Cuvée
• (1) 2017 Carneros Cuvée Rosé
• (1) 2 bottle Cuvée Gift Box


Icon Collection

Celebrate the art of giving with our elegantly presented Icon Collection. Including our 2015 Royal Cuvée and 2018 Royal Cuvée Rosé, each bottle tells a story of dedication, craftsmanship and the journey from vine to glass. Whether you’re expressing gratitude, forging connection, or celebrating success, these wines are a way to leave a lasting impression.

Gift Collection includes:
(1) 2015 Royal Cuvée,
(1) 2018 Royal Cuvée Rosé,
(1) 2 bottle Royal Cuvée Gift Box


Sonoma Sparkling Collection

Indulge in the epitome of generosity through our gracefully showcased Sonoma Sparkling Collection, featuring our renowned Sonoma Brut, Blanc de Blancs, and Blanc de Noirs. Decked within a three-bottle gift box, this timeless trio stands as an essential for this holiday season.

Gift Collection includes:
(1) NV Sonoma Brut
(1) NV Blanc de Blancs
(1) NV Blanc de Noirs
(1) 3 Bottle Sonoma Gift Box


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Additional Business Wine Gifting Opportunities

Looking to Gift for a Large Group
Explore our volume gift options and enjoy additional savings based on your needs:

  • 15% savings: 2 to 5 cases and $15 case shipping
  • 20% savings: 6 to 10 cases and $10 case shipping
  • 25% savings: 11 to 15 cases and $5 case shipping
  • 30% savings: 16+ cases and complimentary shipping

Local Delivery

  • Complimentary delivery in the Bay Area for orders of $1,000+.

Customize Your Gift Sets
Have a specific wine in mind? It is our pleasure to help coordinate and guide all your gifting questions and needs. Complete the form below and our knoweldgeable concierge team will help your holiday gifting go smoothly.

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