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A Regenerative Mindset from the Roots Up

Our Sustainability Promise

With full hearts and hard-working hands, we pour ourselves into every wine we produce here at Gloria Ferrer. And we do so while maintaining an enduring commitment to nourishing the land around us – leaving our space better than how we found it. We remain steadfast in our promise to champion sustainable and regenerative farming and business practices in order to replenish and protect the purity of our natural resources.

What's our goal? To reach net zero emissions in our own operations by 2050.

See how we're putting our sustainability promise into action below.

California Sustainable Wineries Association

Certified Sustainable Vineyard and Winery

We implement 100% sustainable winegrowing practices in our vineyards and winery. This includes key focus areas like water efficiency, soil health, environmental stewardship, biodiversity, fostering strong relationships with employees and the community and many others.

California Sustainable Wineries Association

Offsetting Carbon Emissions

We have partnered with Cloverly to help offset all the carbon emissions generated by our direct-to-consumer wine shipments. We proudly support meaningful initiatives to protect our local and global communities and environments like Trees for Global Benefits, Oregon Biochar Solutions and Improved Ship Hull Coatings.

Carbon-Free Electricity

Exclusive Carbon-Free Electricity

100% of the electricity used at our facilities is generated from carbon-free sources.

Climate-Smart Farming Practices

Climate-Smart Farming Practices

All 335 acres of our estate vineyards in Carneros are farmed utilizing synthetic chemical-free and climate-smart farming practices.

100% Recycled Water & Green Waste

100% Recycled Water & Green Waste

We recycle all of our green waste on-site and produce over 300 tons of compost each year that we use to fertilize our vineyards. While all the water utilized in the production of our wines is recycled and utilized to irrigate our vineyards.

A Regenerative Mindset Brought to Life in Carneros, Sonoma

Sustainability at Gloria Ferrer

A History of Sustainability

Our estate was founded with an eye on generational continuity and long-term sustainability. This commitment has not wavered. Gloria Ferrer remains resolute on creating wines that sustain the lands and the community while celebrating a distinct Spanish zest for life, connecting people in moments large and small.