Gloria Ferrer is a pet-friendly winery, but with so many visitors we’ve had to adjust our policy and reservation process for those wishing to bring their four legged friend.

Effective January 1, 2020 advance reservations are required for all guests with pets. Please help your pet be a great guest by following this code of conduct:

Human Code of Conduct

  • Please have your pet take care of business in the designated relief area prior to entering the tasting room. If your pet should have an accident, please clean up before escorting your best friend from the winery
  • Please keep your pet on a short leash at all times. Remember, this is a winery and some customers are not comfortable with pets – even small ones
  • Never leave your pet unattended
  • If your pet is barking, jumping, nervous or excited around people please don’t enter the tasting room. Even the best natured pets can nip or snap when they are scared or over-stimulated
  • If your pet is misbehaving or stressed, please take them out immediately
  • Pets are allowed in designated outside areas only
  • Working service pets are always welcome. If you require the use of a service animal, please contact us directly at 866-845-6742 to make special arrangements.


Canine Code of Conduct

  • Keep your person on a short leash at all times – they tend to wander when enjoying bubbles
  • Potty in designated areas – your person can show you the way
  • Keep all of your paws on the ground – let your person sit in the chair
  • Enjoy our terrace from beneath the table or chair – let your person enjoy the view
  • If you become too excited, please come back another time – we all have bad days
  • Reserve our complimentary blankets for your person and other humans – they don’t have a fur coat
  • Refrain from accepting human food – our paired bites are for your person only


  • Human Food/Treats
  • Pets in Heat
  • Sick Pets
  • Aggressive Pets
  • Puppies (under 4 months)

To make a reservation for you and your four legged friend, please call 866-8-GLORIA (866-845-6742) at least 24 hours in advance. Pet friendly tasting reservations are limited and may not always be available. Sorry, no pets may attend ticketed events or elevated experiences.