All Dressed Up for the Holidays

Some of you loyal fans of Gloria Ferrer probably have noticed that we look a bit different. Not only have we revamped our website to show existing and new fans all things Glorious, but we have also given our package a makeover. Shelftalker

In an industry of many wine labels vying for the customer’s attention, it became a realization that our beloved label of yesteryear needed a fresh face for the future.

We recognized that as a highly awarded sparkling house from Sonoma Carneros, that we needed to look the part. So we set out to fine tune all elements of our beloved bottle. We changed the capsule, label, coloring, and logo to allow for easier readability and show that our sparkling wines are something to bring to a party like a trophy, prize or major award.

Our outstanding quality in the bottle is the same Gloria you know and love, just dressed up…in time for all of those holiday parties.

Cheers to our new trophy.

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