The Perfect Pink Party

Coral, salmon, rose, and blush; Pink is taking over and it is the signature color of the season. Every shade of pink, be it bold and beautiful or delicate and glorious, is popping up left and right. This trend is taking over with everything from accessories and décor to food and wine. Here at Gloria we feel it is only right to incorporate the best of both worlds. What is the best way to bring together the world of high fashion, great women’s causes, incredible food and award-winning wine in one glorious pink-filled day?

The Longines Kentucky Oaks race, also known as “Lillies for the Fillies”, is one of oldest sporting events in American history and is the perfect combination of all those things. We recommend getting the girls together on May 5th and celebrating the horse races with a perfect pink party. All you need are a few glorious bites, pink decorations galore, and our two newest pink wines…our Brut Rosé and our 2016 Pinot Noir Rosé.


The Attire: Hats On

[Picture from: Inslee by Design]

Utilizing your pink wardrobe for this party may seem obvious but there is one fashion staple that goes hand in hand with this race, wearing a hat. There are only two rules that one must follow when it comes to hats, they must be pink and they must be glorious. The best way to get guests into it is to have a hat contest! Let your guests decide if they want to keep it classy and understated or over-the-top and extravagant; either way it will be exciting to see what people come up with.

The Perfect Pink Pairings

While Southern fare and cocktails (usually the Oaks Lily) traditionally take up the majority of the menu, all the trendsetters know that pink food and pink wine make for a more dazzling event.

One of our limited production, winery exclusive, wines is the 2016 Pinot Noir Rosé. It was just recently released to the public at our Bubbles & Blooms event! This delicate wine with strawberry and floral notes is the perfect pairing for the vivid flavors of the Seared Ahi with Sweet Tamari Marinade on Watermelon Cubes. The slight pink hue of the wine is also complemented perfectly by the deep reddish pink colors of the watermelon.

While we have previously had and will continue to have the winery exclusive Brut Rosé we have brought you new Brut Rosé style that you have to try! This Brut Rosé is our newest sparkling wine release and you will be able to find it at restaurants and stores near you starting May 1st!  The effervescent strawberry, cherry, and Meyer Lemon characteristics in this wine pair well with the saltiness of this Crispy Potato Chip Smoked Salmon Crème Fraiche Dill appetizer. The smoked salmon is also highlighted by the crème brûlée flavors in the wine and even matches the color quite nicely.


The color pink is in style and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. So grab a bouquet of Stargazer Lillies (the official pink flower of the Kentucky Oaks) and a few bottles of Gloria and start planning your perfectly glorious pink party today!

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