The Glorious Life

Glorious Valentine’s Day Gifting

It’s that time of year again! Candy hearts, kisses, and rosé… no we didn’t misspell roses, we meant rosé, as in Brut Rosé! It really is time to do away with the roses and give your special someone something a little more unique, like a bottle of our award winning 2013 Gloria Ferrer Brut Rose […]

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The Big Game Bash

Just when you were looking for another excuse to host an extravagant party you realize it’s that time of year again. Football is bringing everyone a little closer together, one big game at a time. Whether you are planning on inviting only your closest friends or everyone you know we have a few recommendations to […]

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Celebrating New Year’s Eve Around the World

Think about it. Is there another day which is celebrated with equal enthusiasm around the world as New Year’s Eve? While festivities vary from country to country, one tradition is shared worldwide: Toasting. The custom of toasting as we know it today originated in medieval England. Back then, the raising of glasses was accompanied by […]

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A Note from Mike Crumly – Fall in the Vineyards

Now that harvest has come to an end, our vineyard crew settles down and takes their much need vacations. Although the most important season of the year has commenced, there are still a few housekeeping items to tend to make sure everything in the vineyards is set up to go smoothly come next year’s grape […]

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Coming Home for the Holidays

The feeling of returning home for the holidays always stirs so many emotions. For me it’s a strange combination of the all-too-familiar mixed with a reminder of how much has changed. Hugs from Mom and Dad feel the same, but things just look different. I remember the meltdown I had Thanksgiving 2009 when I came home […]

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Spiced Butternut Squash in Point Reyes Toma Frico Cups

The holidays are just around the corner, which means it is a festive and celebratory time to open a bottle of sparkling wine to glorify any holiday occasion! Although we can all agree that wine is the most essential item on the food pyramid, we do realize that we need a few holiday recipes to [...] Read More