Celebrating Spring

Spring is around the corner. We love spring because it’s the time the valley comes alive! Each spring the Sonoma hills are blanketed with wild flowers and it’s common to see mustard flowers in full bloom in our vineyard rows.
Mustard4webTo celebrate this lively time of year we’ve decided to throw our first ever Bubbles & Blooms festival! The festival will take place at our winery on April 9, 2016 from noon-4. Let us help you get ready for Spring and Summer entertaining. Join us for a day of Gloria Ferrer award winning wines and chef prepared tasty bites, perfect ideas for your warm evening get-togethers. Meet professionals from Flower Magazine and learn creative floral arranging, displays, wreaths, and more. See colorful flower art installations perfect for special occasions. Get tickets now for this #glorious event! More information and tickets for sale here.

We are partnering with Flower Magazine for the most glorious festival complete with professional florists, bubbles, and DIY workshops. Kiana Underwood, owner of Tulipina Flowers, boutique San Francisco floral design studio, was gracious enough to offer Pro Tips on floral arranging and floral trends. Kiana has become one of the most sought after floral designers in the United States.

Variety and your garden:
B&B 1© Tulipina

Variety is the spice of life. Despite the common assumption that you need a number of the same flowers in your floral arrangements, sometimes having different ingredients can be quite interesting. If you have access to a small garden, all you need is your imagination to put something lovely together. Sometimes, all it takes is one pretty rose combined with a few stems of annual or perennial garden goods and foliage to create an arrangement that will stop people in their tracks.

Keeping it natural:
B&B2© Tulipina

When designing, as a guideline for shaping your arrangement, I try to think of what the flowers I’m using looked like in their natural habitat. They were not all the same height or equidistant from each other while growing, so you can try to bring nature into your vessel by allowing asymmetry and wildness into your floral designing. Don’t be too precise, and allow the flowers and foliage to take on a mind of their own a bit.

Keeping flowers fresh:

Always give your flowers and foliage a snip of the stem before placing them in your vessel, as this will help with prolonging their cut life. There are many specific things for particular varieties, but this one simple rule is the first place to start.

Unique vases and vessels:

I love compotes and other pedestal vases, but I also like thinking outside the box when it comes to vases and vessels and choosing unique items such as antique milk glass, serving bowls, or even scientific glassware.
B&B3© Tulipina

2016 Trends:
Greater usage of foliage in floral design and garden and foraged goods are going to continue to be hot trends in 2016.
B&B4© Tulipina
What goes better with beautiful floral arrangements than a glass of Gloria Ferrer sparkling wine. We’ll be pouring our award-winning sparkling wines including our: 2007 Royal Cuvée, Sonoma Brut, and Blanc de Noirs at the Bubbles & Blooms Festival. To find out more and purchase tickets click here.

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