Announcing: “What’s Bubbling?” Livestream

Drinking wine is always a great experience.  The ideal pairing will make both the wine and food equally enhanced.  But how?

Judging by how popular the food & wine pairing experiences at the winery are, and how many questions we get asked about parings, we know many of you have a few questions of your own, or would like to open up your repertoire.  Since many of you cannot come to the winery often as you might like to, we are launching a livestream to bring you that experience.

Join us for our first “What’s Bubbling?” livestream on Thursday, June 8th at 5PM PST.  Two of our passionate wine educators, Jack and Jahlial, will be leading you through a live wine and food component tasting while answering a few of your most commonly asked wine questions along the way. The tasting will last about 15 minutes and we invite you to follow along tasting the three different wines with the food bites.  Discover what works best for your palate and keep those questions coming.

Here is what you need:

Computer/tablet/smart phone to connect to your favorite social media channel (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube)

The three wines (pictured above) and 3 glasses

Wine Tasting Component Placemat: Print Here

These readily available foods (see shopping list below)

A friend or two or a whole room!

Finally, we recommend having a few plain breadsticks or water crackers on hand as a palate cleanser, and a glass of water.  This is important when tasting multiple wines so you can reset your palate, allowing you to savor and appreciate each wine.

Make sure you pick up everything you need before the big day so you can join in on the excitement! This shopping checklist will help you prepare for this tasting experience but feel free to get creative and substitute your own food components with similar taste profiles. If you’re a club member then you can already check off the wines as you were recently shipped these during the month of May. If you’re not a club member then hurry and order your wines here so you can receive them before June 8th!

See recipe for spiced almonds: Spiced almonds

Stock up before this one of a kind Sonoma tasting experience from home and tune in at 5pm PST via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube so that you can participate in this glorious event with us! Don’t forget to invite a few friends over to join the fun!


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