Make it a “Mom”entous Day

‘Tis the season for brunches, fresh flowers, mimosas and Sunday Fundays… Mother’s Day is the perfect day to bring all those things together. At Gloria Ferrer we like to Live Gloriously as much as possible. We thought it would be fun to share our favorite things do to for our moms or any mom in our life for that matter.

Brunch: We love brunch. A lot. Brunch leads into lunch time, which leads right into nap time. All are good things. Brunch food is also fun and easy. You can be super simple with what you prepare and moms still love it. Bagel Bars, Waffle Bars, Overnight Casseroles are easy and special.. Fruit and mimosas with Gloria Ferrer Blanc de Noirs is also a favorite of ours.

blanc-de-noirs-135x245Fancy Mimosas: As mentioned above, we all love mimosas. We actually prefer more bubbly than juice, but we also like to change up the regular OJ for other  juice. One of our new favorites is grapefruit juice. It’s bright, pink, and crisp but goes perfectly with our Blanc de Noirs. 

Flowers: Whether you pick roses off your rose bush in the backyard, order from a Florist or pick up some at the grocery store… moms love flowers. They brighten their day, their moods and decor.

Share your Thoughts: We know, it’s tough to let it all out some times… but moms love the mushy stuff. They really do. If you are unable to write out why you love your mom  so much, make sure the card you give her tells her just how special she is to you.

Free Time: Whether you send your mom or wife off to get a spa treatment or not… What moms usually like most is a chance to choose what they want to do. So give her a slice of free time to do whatever she wants… maybe she wants to bypass the facial and go see a movie, or browse the bookstore or mall. Maybe she wants to go for a hike or simply run errands. Letting your mom choose what she wants to do shows that you know everyone isn’t the same, have different wishes about how to spend their day and that you know she is special.

Tune In: If your mom or wife have been hinting at something they want for Mother’s Day… then tune in. While us ladies can be subtle at times, we also know how to lay it out for you. Is she complaining of dry hands and she just ran out of her favorite expensive hand cream? Go buy it for her.

Buy the Bubbly: Whether you are having a brunch or not, having sparkling wines on hand for your special mom/wife shows you know that the days is special and should be celebrated. If this mom is far away… send her some. She’ll love that you thought about her in a unique way. Our Carneros Cuvee is the perfect sparkler to bring the “Wow” to your mom’s day.





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