A Guy’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

We are just nine days until Valentine’s Day (the ladies are counting down), and because it seems as though guys do majority of purchasing for this holiday, it seemed natural to do a post just for you.  Even if you don’t have a sweetheart this year, it is still important to show your loved ones, just how important they are to you (see #7 below). By following the fool proof tips below, you will be better prepared and on your game.

1) Don’t Forget.
I know we are all busy and it is hard to remember what day of the week it is and what you had for dinner last night, let alone place a flower order. However, we are relying on you this year to remember. Put an alarm on your phone or an appointment on your calendar to remind you. You have the technology now to be better than ever.

2) No Boycotting.
Okay, we understand not everyone is a fan of Valentine’s Day, however, if your sweetheart is a fan-then now you are fan. If they like this holiday they expect you to participate. Simply saying that it is a “Hallmark Holiday” won’t cut it with them. So get your game on and make sure you make sure they know that you love/like her.

3) No Procrastinating.
So assuming you remembered this year, don’t wait until the last minute. Nothing says “whoops, I waited to get my act together” more than a card from CVS with “Happy Birthday” crossed out and written over it in sharpie with “Happy Valentine’s Day” because all of the V-Day cards are actually out. We ladies are sharp.

4) Be Thoughtful.
Does she like cupcakes? Order some. Did she dog ear a page in a J. Crew catalog and circle a purse? Buy it. Favorite color sea foam green? Get her a sweater in sea foam green. Because paying attention gentlemen, goes a long way, and it will show you are truly thinking about what your sweetheart likes.

5) Pop Some Bubbly.
It wouldn’t be a proper Glorious Life post without a reference to bubbles. I know we all agree that Gloria Ferrer sparkling wines are good any day, but sparkling wines are pretty much the National Valentine’s Day beverage. So make sure you have a bottle or two on hand for your main squeeze. It will show that you paid attention, were thoughtful and remembered! Do you see a pattern?

6) Stick to Crowd Pleasers.
Not feeling creative this Valentine’s Day? You can still make your sweetie happy by sending flowers, bringing home something sweet (I prefer whoopie pies) and a card. This isn’t the time to test out a new recipe requiring ingredients you can’t pronounce or the time to learn how to play the clarinet a la Kenny G.

7) Show Love to All Your Valentines.
This isn’t what you might think it is. I simply mean.. make sure you also recognize your mom. She was probably the first person you ever gave a Valentine to.. so always make sure you let her know (whether she is near or far) just how special she is to you. Have a sister? Kids or Pets? They like Valentine’s Day too…

8) Have fun.
At the end of the day, make sure you enjoy yourself. Don’t sweat this day. With the simple tips above, your Valentine will be smiling and sure to be showing her friends and coworkers just what her main squeeze did for her the next day at work. Mission Accomplished.

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