A White Wine Release Party

Tis’ the season for barbeques, a refreshingly crisp glass of wine, and soaking up the sunshine! A classic all white affair is the perfect way to jump start the summer and entertain your family and friends this Memorial Day weekend. This past weekend the winery hosted a successful Fête de Blanc club event, a white wine release party with a French twist, and guests had a blast.

You recreate the chic menu with food pairings for 4 of our favorite white wines (3 brand new releases) that way you can host your own summer white party right in your home.

2015 Jose S Ferrer Chardonnay & Passionfruit Shrimp on Macadamia Crackers with Cilantro Butter


Our latest release of the 2015 Jose S. Ferrer Chardonnay is bright tropical and citrus flavors with a crisp acidity and a nice oak finish. This unique mixture of flavors pairs exceptionally well with our Passionfruit Shrimp on Macadamia Crackers with Cilantro Butter. The tart passionfruit brings out the tropical and citrus flavors of the wine while the butter and macadamia nut in the dish complement the oaky characteristics. Bonus, the bright colors of this dish will stand out amongst the white décor!


2015 Pinot Blanc & Glorious Lobster Tempura Grapefruit Salad Bowls Dressed with Ruby Red Miso Champagne Vinaigrette

Another favorite new release is our Pinot Blanc, which boasts fresh melon with peach and lime flavors to create a refreshing still wine. The notes in this wine are best when tasted with light and flavorful dishes like our Glorious Lobster Tempura Grapefruit Salad Bowls Dressed with Ruby Red Miso Champagne Vinaigrette. The grapefruit and cucumbers help bring out the crisp, clean flavors in the wine and the sweet and spicy salad dressing is complemented by the stone fruit and hints of citrus in the wine. This is the ideal dish for a backyard barbeque or a poolside lunch!

2008 Royal Cuvée & Appetizer Tacos

One of our crowd favorite wines, the Royal Cuvée, was also just released. The new 2008 vintage was late disgorged and offers a complex and delicious blend of honey, apple and peach flavors with a ginger finish. This refreshing wine can be the perfect complement to a variety of dishes but we recommend trying it with our Appetizer Tacos, a shrimp taco with a little bit of a kick. The shrimp topped with the Mexican crema is a wonderful light dish with a little bit of a spice to help highlight the creaminess and light honey with crisp apple flavors of this beautifully aged sparkling wine.

2013 Demi Sec & Glorious Spicy Lobster Wontons

Our 2013 vintage of the Demi Sec may not be a new release but it really is one of the best wines for a summer get-together. This wine was created to help appreciate the sweeter things in life, it is a semi-sweet sparkling wine with honey and peach and citrus fruit essences of Meyer lemon and tangerine. You can pair this unique wine with a spicier dish like the Glorious Spicy Lobster Wontons. This lobster dish is brought to life with a combination of chili paste, mascarpone and provolone; the heat in this dish will spice up your white affair and it also provides an incredible balance to the semi-sweet honey flavors of this sparkling wine.

All of these dishes with bright colors are extrmely flavorful and will take your Memorial Day weekend to new heights! Make this Memorial’s Day the most glorious yet and invite the crew over for an “All White Affair”.

To attend one of our club exclusive events you can join our wine club here!

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