Cheers To Now

If you have a glass of Gloria Ferrer wine, raise it. If you don’t, get one. If you can’t, pretend. Because we here at Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards would like to formally invite you to be our guests here at The Glorious Life.

And what better time?

Yes, we’re rolling out a stylish new package design. And, obviously, there’s this cool, way easier, more fun and informative new website. But it’s also harvest. And this season feels like a coming of age for Gloria Ferrer.

We’ve been hand-nurturing these vineyards for over 25 years. So this season we decided to take a moment to fully appreciate the fruits of our labors. And, in all modesty, the quality of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes grown on our Carneros estate is absolutely peaking. Our wines, while always among California’s most acclaimed, continue to improve.

So we welcome you to our community at a time when there is so much to savor and celebrate.

We hope you’ll join us. Both here at the estate in Sonoma, where you’ll always be given a sparkling welcome. And here on our new website where something is always popping. Sign up for the newsletter. Heck, buy some wine.

You only live once.

Live gloriously.


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