12 Bites for the Holiday

Holidays sparkle all the more with great food paired with great wine from Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards. This season we’ve curated 12 delicious bites from our Glorious Bites Contest and paired each with one of our award winning wines. We’ve assembled 12 recipes and winery exclusive wines into a convenient downloadable recipe book for you and are offering up a 12 Bites Case at savings of over $60!


Smoked Trout Waffles with Dilled Cucumber Slaw + Sonoma Brut

On the first day Gloria shares with you this smoked trout waffle paired with our classic, Sonoma Brut. The acidity in the wine is a great balance with the dilled cucumber slaw and the toasty apple flavors complement the smokiness of the trout. 


Cold-smoked salmon with preserved lemon, mustard dill sauce and pumpernickel crumbs + Sonoma Brut

The wine has notes of citrus that help bring out the bright and unique flavors of this dish. The cold-smoked salmon also pairs exceptionally well with the toasty almond finish.


Coconut Orange Crab Jalapeño Poppers with Spicy Orange Dipping Sauce + Blanc de Noirs

Fried food is always a crowd pleaser but when you create fried food that incorporates flavors of citrus and spice you really spice things up! We recommend having these poppers with our Blanc de Noirs because the creamy cherry and lemon balance out the spice and bring out the zest in this dish.


Smoky Spanish Paprika-Dusted Sea Scallops Seared in Duck Fat, with Silky Saffron-Ginger Aioli, on Salty, Sweet Potato Chips + Blanc de Noirs

Elevate the flavors of this bite by sipping on the Blanc de Noirs as you enjoy the medley of smoky paprika, scallops and savory spices plus the sweet and salty chips. This pairing will put your mouth into overload… in a good way.


Lobster Corn Chowdah Cakes (ebelskivers) with Sriracha Aioli + 2009 Royal Cuvée 

This melt in your mouth appetizer is amazing on it’s own but when experienced with the crisp honey, apple, and peach characters of our Royal Cuvée Brut you won’t be able to get enough.


Fajita Veggie Quinoa Cups with Cotija and Avocado Cream + 2014 Demi-Sec

Sweet & spicy make quite the dynamic duo! The Fajita veggie quinoa cups are just the right amount of spice and flavor and the avocado cream is perfectly balanced by the sweet but not too sweet, Demi-Sec.


Chevre Dumplings + 2009 Extra Brut Reserve Cuvée

The apple and brioche with a hint of ginger in the wine is the perfect balance to these delectable light and citrus-y dumplings. This buttery dish is also an excellent complement to the dryness of the Extra Brut Reserve Cuvée.


Glorious Apple Pizza with Hot Honey Drizzle + 2014 Blanc de Blancs

Savor the balance of safe and prosciutto paired with chili infused honey. Take it up a notch by enjoying it with the blend of toasty brioche and creamy pear that the Blanc de Blancs offers.


Sweet & Savory Harvest Pizzette + 2016 Estate Pinot Blanc

This delicate crisp wine is a great accompaniment to the creaminess of the goat cheese and sweet peach jam on this harvest pizette. This light, fruity wine is ideal through all the seasons and makes for an easy to drink glass of wine.



Tandoori Shrimp Falafel with Lemony Mint Yogurt Sauce and Pickled Red Onions + 2015 José S. Ferrer Selection Chardonnay

The combination of fruit and spice in this wine with citrus flavors pairs well with the lemon and cream sauce in this dish. You will bring joy to everyone that you share this pairing with!


Spicy Sausage and Cranberry Burrata Naan with Creamy Marmalade Feta and Tarragon + 2014 Estate Pinot Noir

This Naan has all of the flavors you could look for in one recipe, it’s spicy, tangy, creamy, savory, and just a bit sweet. The only thing that could make it better is pairing it with the Estate Pinot Noir; all the flavors you want in a single wine are prominent including earth, spice, berry, and cherry.


Smokey Fondue Bites with Shallot & Cherrywood Bacon Jam + 2014 Rust Rock Vineyard Pinot Noir

You can’t go wrong with these mouthwatering fondue bites with caramelized onions and bacon jam but when paired with the black cherry and spice in the Rust Rock Pinot Noir this food experience is truly taken to the next level.


You’ll be a star at your next holiday event when you bring the first bite paired with the perfect first sip!


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