The Glorious Life: April, 2015

Following Our Remodel: The Final Days

Ladies and gentlemen…the time we’ve all been waiting for is almost here: the opening of our freshly remodeled visitor’s center is less than a week away! Can you believe how quickly four months have gone by? From January 5th to today, a multitude of hammering, drilling and pounding was inflicted on our tasting room as we […]

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Mom Deserves More Than a Mimosa

Ever have those days where you’re walking around the mall (or any place that has materialistic possessions) and on a whim you decide to stop into that one store you know you probably shouldn’t? You know, that store that has markups through the ROOF yet their items are beyond beautiful…and everything you stylistically crave? Maybe that one statement watch […]

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Following Our Remodel: Entry Five

…and onward the renovation goes! And naturally, more and more construction plans are coming into fruition. Our main tasting room bar is definitely in its early stages of life, yet nonetheless still able to be pictured (see below). Something that gets us even more excited is the sight of our new pergola. A little shelter […]

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