The Glorious Life: December, 2013

Bubbly New Year’s Traditions

We all know the New Year’s Eve drill;  celebrate until midnight, countdown to twelve, holler with excitement, toast with a glass of Gloria Ferrer, plant a smooch or hug a loved one- and there you have it. It’s New Year’s. Or maybe you stay in, cook a special meal, sip on more Gloria Ferrer, try to […]

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A Fancy for Flutes

Ask anyone what their favorite kind of beverage glass is and they answer “why of course, the sparkling wine flute”. Okay, so maybe not everyone, but let’s stick with “a lot”. It sounds official. There is something about the flute, that just looks so classy. So feminine. So beautiful. Is it because the bubbly inside […]

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A Bubbly Made for Royalty

Since our 2005 Royal Cuvee was just named one of the Top 100 Wines of 2013 by San Francisco Chronicle, it seemed like the perfect time to talk about what makes this wine just so… Royal. It all began back in the 80’s. 1987 to be exact. King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofia of […]

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