A DRY, still Rosé with a brilliant pink hue

2018 Pinot Noir RosÉ

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About the wine

The 2017 vintage marks our second vintage in ten years of a Pinot Noir Rosé. This still wine is produced by Pinot Noir grapes which give it the bright acidity with subtle aromas, and a crisp but dry mouth feel. Pinot Noir Rosés come from the juice of red wine strained from its skins to create delicate fruity flavors with a beautiful pink hue.

The grapes were carefully hand harvested into small picking bins so as not to crush them. The grapes were then lightly crushed and allowed to macerate at 45°F to extract a small amount of color before the grapes were pressed. The grapes were then 100% Stainless Steel fermented at 55°F to 60°F to retain freshness.

This pale pink wine greets the nose with strawberries and rose petals. In the mouth the fruit is lush and generous adding cherry and pomegranate. The texture of the wine is delicate and lively carrying the fruit all the way to the crisp finish.

The spring of 2017 brought record rainfall to break the 6 year drought parching California. The late rains provided plenty of water to the vines for a vigorous start to the growing season. Throughout the growing season hot weather kept the grapes ripening quickly, but plenty of vegetation from strong spring growth provided some protection from the heat. Harvest began about 10 days earlier than average. A heat spike at the end of the still harvest, created some anxiety, but in we had the grapes harvested before the peak of the heat. Fortunately we were able to pick all of the grapes at their optimum ripeness to produce outstanding wines from the vintage.

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Wine Enthusiast (2018)

Food Pairing


Try this lively Pinot Noir Rose with lighter fare, such as ripe melon wrapped in Spanish Jamon. The vivid acid flawlessly complements a summer strawberry salad with wild arugula, red onion, zesty feta and pomegranate balsamic dressing. More robust dishes to pair include pork tenderloin Char Siu style or cherry and basil bruschetta with ricotta cheese and lemon zest.

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