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WillMar Label Art – Bluebird

WillMar Label Art – Bluebird

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Price: $20.00

Each vintage of the WillMar Pinot Noir depicts original artwork created by a young WillMar artist on its label.

This bluebird adorns our 2012 WillMar Pinot Noir.

We have created this collectible poster to share the beauty & creativity of the artist as well as to support the Center’s Expressive Arts programs.

Poster dimensions: 22″ H x 18″ W

About WillMar

WillMar Family Grief & Healing Center provides compassionate support for children, teens, and their families who are grieving the death of a loved one, and for those living with family members suffering from a life-changing illness or injury.

In addition to supporting families through the grief process, WillMar provides on-site crisis intervention for local schools, civic groups, faith groups, and business by distributing psycho-educational materials, supportive guidance, and a place to understand and share grief as individuals and as a community. Founded in 2000 by marriage family therapist Nina Gorbach, WillMar Family Grief & Healing Center has grown to be the only free stand-alone nonprofit agency in Northern California dedicated to supporting grieving families.

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