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Shatter-Proof Flutes, set of 4 by Govino

Shatter-Proof Flutes, set of 4 by Govino

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Price: $18.95

Always ready to party, these stemless flutes are perfect for the beach, patio, or picnics. Thumb-notch assures a comfortable grip.

Made from a crystal-clear, food-safe, pharmaceutical-grade polymer (PETG), they are both reusable & recyclable!

Hand-washing is recommended to keep these flutes sparkling and prevent possible melting in the dishwasher.

Set of 4, 8 oz. capacity.

Govino Flutes

Picture this. It could happen. A couple dozen friends descend on your abode one evening, bubbly in hand and primed for revelry. But hark! No one thought to bring Champagne flutes along with the sparkler. Tell me you’re not going to resort to drinking that gorgeous me´thode champenoise out of jelly glasses or still wine glasses. This is when Govino rides to the rescue. You suddenly remember you have a couple dozen of  go-anywhere  flutes stashed on a shelf in the closet. Possibly leftover from your sister’s birthday party at the beach, but who remembers? The shape is right, slender and elegant. Thin-walled as crystal, but made from a food-safe, BPA-free polymer. And here's the good thing -- reusable. No stem, but at this point, who cares?

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