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GF Bouchon Stopper

GF Bouchon Stopper


Price: $6.95

Seal in the sparkle!

We use these sparkling wine bouchons every day in our Tasting Room in Sonoma. Le Bouchon Stopper is easy to use and seals completely. Perfect for those times you just can’t finish the bottle!

Made in France. Instructions booklet included.

This bouchon is not designed to seal still wine.

"Le Bouchon"

The easy way to seal sparkling wines

  1. Place stopper on angle
  2. Slip stopper down over bottle mouth (if difficult, moisten bottle mouth)
  3. Press down on cap until black plastic curtain disappears while...
  4. ...turning a quarter turn to right to lock. To remove, press down on cap and turn a quarter turn to left, then lift off.

If black plastic curtain closes prematurely, push in white stopper piece and twist to left to release.

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