How to win your anniversary

Create a day to treasure. Gloria Ferrer presents your easy guide to planning an unforgettable anniversary.

Craft your surprise

Start the day off with something handmade – something small with a personal touch is a sure way to show someone you care.

Our suggestion: Say it with sticky notes
Write down all the things you love about your significant other on sticky notes. Sneak them into places all around your partner’s home (think closet doors, medicine cabinets, kitchen drawers) and surprise them with compliments throughout the day.

Plan a special delivery

Wherever your partner is, send something their way midday to keep the surprises flowing. From singing telegrams to flowers, a special delivery makes anyone feel loved.

Our suggestion: Plan lunch – on you
Pick your partner’s favorite food, and have it ordered for delivery. If possible (for extra bonus points), ask the restaurant to write a little note and leave it in the delivery.

Get personal for dinner

Anyone can pick a “fancy” restaurant. Instead, make your celebration memorable by making reservations somewhere that has extra special meaning to your partner.

Our suggestion: Throw it back
Think back to the major moments of your relationship. If you met at a barbecue, pick a barbecue joint for dinner. If your first date was at a sushi bar, go for sushi. If one of your favorite vacations was in Mexico…well, you get the idea!

Toast to the occasion

Special dates deserve special drinks, and what’s better for an anniversary celebration than a bottle of Anniversary Cuvée? The best part is we’ve got the goods here, so you can order a bottle (or two).

Our suggestion: Think ahead
Before dinner, stash your bottle of Anniversary Cuvée in the fridge and when you get home slyly sneak it into an ice bucket of half ice, half water (top tip: best way to chill your bubbly).

Take dessert to go

When the dessert menu comes around, take your order to go. Then whisk your partner home for the Grand Anniversary Finale: Netflix and a chilled bottle of Anniversary Cuvée, and your favorite dessert.

Our suggestion: Ask for feedback
Like the experts say – communication is key. As you two sip bubbly and get comfy, ask your partner for their thoughts on the day. Remember what they loved for future celebrations.

And there you have it – a fail-proof plan on creating a perfect day for your perfect person.


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