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Harvest: A Thrilling Tale in a Brief Nutshell

Written By: Kelly DeLaMora

  As a consumer, the word harvest doesn’t necessarily make your heart pound a little harder like it does to us over here at Gloria Ferrer. Yet, the word harvest itself triggers a sort of elated excitement for us Gloria Ferrer people (Think six year-old looking into a pillowcase full of Halloween candy.) First of all, harvest […]

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Hands on Harvest 2013

Written By: Stefanie Bagala

With Harvest done and gone at Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards, we finally are able to take a breather and look around at our beautiful changing vineyards. Harvest 2013 was a bountiful one, not only for us, but also for majority of wineries in Northern California due to the very mild weather during the growing […]

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