The Glorious Life: Miscellaneous

José & Gloria Ferrer’s Story

Gloria Ferrer Jose Ferrer Planting, throwback, young, jose

In the 70’s José and Gloria Ferrer first came to Sonoma, at the end of a California road trip. They fell in love with the area, the name Valley of the Moon, and they dreamt to someday build a winery in Sonoma. In 1982 they stumbled upon a plot of wide open land with sloping […]

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Glorify Your Picnic

Artichokes in White Wine Sauce

Just like brunch, picnics are trending more than ever. It’s the combination of all things glorious that make them so appealing: food, wine, and nature. Whether it’s you and your significant other or a group of friends it is bound to be a wonderful day spent. So here is a detailed guide on how to make […]

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Tasting Room Evolution


Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards was the first sparkling wine house to be built in Carneros. Our culture has often been notable as a combination of vibrant Spanish tradition and casual Sonoma County elegance. This year we celebrate thirty years and reminisce on the changes over the years. This blog celebrates the renovation of our beloved winery, Tasting Room, and Vista Terrace and how it has always maintained its Spanish heritage and Catalan architectural influence.

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How to Throw a Glorious Garden Spring Party


Spring has SPRUNG (here in California at least). The vineyard rows are lined with wildflowers. It’s such a beautiful site that we’re throwing a garden themed party, Bubbles & Blooms, at the winery on April 9, 2016 to showcase the seasonal beauty that spring brings, after all, celebrating is what we do best.  We turned to […]

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Celebrating Spring

B&B festie

Spring is around the corner. We love spring because it’s the time the valley comes alive! Each spring the Sonoma hills are blanketed with wild flowers and it’s common to see mustard flowers in full bloom in our vineyard rows. To celebrate this lively time of year we’ve decided to throw our first ever Bubbles & […]

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The Big Game Celebration

fb superbowl

The Big Game is scheduled for February 7, 2016, and the festivities are just beginning. This is a HUGE year for #SB50 being that it is so close to home. The week leading up to the Big Game there will be festivities throughout all of San Francisco. Did we mention that we will be there, […]

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Step-by-Step Guide for the Perfect New Year’s Eve Celebration

Photo Credit to: bestfriendsforfrosting

New Year’s Eve is a time for celebrating the New Year and the new beginnings to come. It is a time for reminiscing on the years’ past and having a glorious time with your loved ones and friends. Provided here is a four-step guide to help you cheers to the last night of the year and guarantee a […]

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NYC Glorious Bites Challenge


This past Saturday was a night to remember in New York City. The city was alive, the bubbles were flowing, and the appetizers were cooked to perfection. Five talented Glorious Bites semi-finalists joined us at the ICE Culinary Kitchen in New York City to compete for a chance to move on to the finals. Although […]

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Fall Entertaining – Gloria Style

Photo courtesy of

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean “party season” is over. Autumn is the perfect time to host a soiree for your fun-loving friends! The air is crisp, the leaves are fiery orange and thanks to us you’ll host a festive fall party that will WOW your guests (you’re welcome). The first step to a […]

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Wine Not?

As a tasting room employee, it is often brought to my attention that sparkling wine is somehow perceived as a rare drink to be consumed only for celebratory purposes.  Obviously, I disagree with this preconceived notion.  Yet more importantly, I understand it because at one point in my life I shared these same troubled beliefs […]

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Staff Spotlight: Ryan McAllister

Monthly, this Staff Spotlight blog segment will be here to shine a light on our many Gloria Ferrer employees and get you familiar with the important people behind this bubbly business of ours, if you will! Coming to you live from the Tasting Room is one of our wine educators, Ryan McAllister. Having two years of Gloria Ferrer experience […]

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Staff Spotlight: Jennifer North

Monthly, this Staff Spotlight blog segment will be here to shine a light on our many Gloria Ferrer employees and get you familiar with the important people behind this bubbly business of ours, if you will! Kicking off this blog series is none other than the “Mama Jen” herself–our Assistant Manager of the Visitor’s Center Jennifer North.  This […]

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A Little “Pop” in Your Step


The holidays are over, you’ve finally took the initiative to start taking down those Christmas decorations and January now brings some much needed winter downtime to decompress. However, there are those classic winter days: running to your car in the rain to avoid getting soaked only to find yourself stomping into the deepest puddle in the […]

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New Years Eve: Traditions Near and Far

New Years Eve was always an exciting holiday for me. Growing up, my mom would drop a couple cranberries in our sparkling apple cider and tidy-up a little present for my sister and I, placed delicately on our expensive-feeling dinner plates (my mother regarded New Years Eve as the one holiday she would trust me and my sister with the […]

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Personality and Wine Pairing

I’m confident to say we’re all familiar with the traditional food and wine pairing.  Having seafood? Try a light white wine. Grilling up a juicy steak? Try a full-bodied red. Eating anything, anytime anywhere? Have Gloria Ferrer sparkling wine (of course!) But there is a very, very important element that wine pairing has overlooked.  Sure, we […]

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Party Pointers | Wine Trivia

When it comes to parties, we’re all familiar with that moment–the moment when preliminary introductions are finished, drinks are distributed, socialization happens and everyone is in a good mood YET a brief moment of silent awkwardness is approaching on the horizon. There is no scientific explanation regarding this brief period of silenced hush; it simply exists as an […]

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Sonoma Wine Country Weekend 2014


Sonoma Wine Country Weekend proved endless eating, drinking, and merriment during the weekend of August 29-31, 2014.  Thousands of wines were tasted, tons of food eaten…was there honestly anything better in life?  Three days of events meant three days of wine and food activities. Friday consisted of an evening underneath the stars at Francis Ford Coppola Winery in Geyserville, paired […]

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The Oscar Goes To…


The Oscars are just a few days away. A night filled with celebrities, great movies, haute couture and long winded acceptance speeches. Needless to say, it is always fun to reflect back on the great movies of the past year. But I’m not here to be a film critic, I’m here to discuss sparkling wines, […]

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A Twist on Game Day Favorites

Game Day Decor

We are just days away from Super Bowl aka Commercial Bowl, the Puppy Bowl and Stuff Yourself Sunday. If you survey men, women, kids and dogs… they all plan on being in front of their TV’s on Sunday. Even the non-sports fan will be a fan for a day so they can partake in a […]

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amfAR LA 2013

As one of the core values of Gloria Ferrer, we focus on giving back and supporting many charities within the local and broader community. We recently had the privilege to be the sole sparkling and still wine sponsor of the amfAR Los Angeles Gala on December 12th, 2013. If you are not familiar with amfAR, […]

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A Fancy for Flutes

Ask anyone what their favorite kind of beverage glass is and they answer “why of course, the sparkling wine flute”. Okay, so maybe not everyone, but let’s stick with “a lot”. It sounds official. There is something about the flute, that just looks so classy. So feminine. So beautiful. Is it because the bubbly inside […]

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Gloria Ferrer’s Partnership in Pinot Noir

Here at Gloria Ferrer, not only are we committed to producing the very best sparkling wines in California, but we are also dedicated to giving back to the community. With over 30 years in California’s Sonoma Valley, we have worked with a variety of charities. Our most recent partnership is with The WillMar Family Grief […]

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