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Harvest: A Thrilling Tale in a Brief Nutshell

Written By: Kelly DeLaMora


As a consumer, the word harvest doesn’t necessarily make your heart pound a little harder like it does to us over here at Gloria Ferrer. Yet, the word harvest itself triggers a sort of elated excitement for us Gloria Ferrer people (Think six year-old looking into a pillowcase full of Halloween candy.)


First of all, harvest is uniquely exciting for us due to the fact that we’re one of the first wineries in the region to go about the act.  Fun fact: Harvest 2014 just so happens to be one of the earliest harvests seen by our winemakers (the earliest having been back in 2004).  This is in part due to the weather thus far, and also because our winemakers prefer our Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes relatively young—high acidity and low sugar are the qualifications of these grapes.  To be exact, Pinot Noir deriving from our winery’s Dijon clone happen to ripen the quickest, thus bringing them to the front of the harvest line.

Despite the fickle weather of 2014, heavy rainfall in the February and March months yielded plenty of excess water to fill our wells and also saturate our soil through bud break.  One could quite possibly say that the questionable weather was a blessing in disguise.

The morning of August 4th, 2014 was one of a particular majestic feeling.  As the early morning clock struck two, an array of workers filed into the winery and began their magic.  All hand-picked, the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes made their way up to our whole-cluster presser. From there, these juices found their way into our stainless steel tanks for settling before finally throwing caution to the wind and thus inhabiting their new home—i.e “the bottle”—anywhere from two years to multiple decades.

Even though our nine different varietals have similar precipices year after year, each new harvest brings a unique flavor palate to our loved wines. We have yet to taste the fruits of this harvest, Gloria Ferrer winemaker Steve Urberg expects dazzling…possibly even sparkling results (pun very much intended).

So this is for you, my dear reader and overall lover of Gloria Ferrer Sparkling Wine: as you navigate your way through your local grocery store after a long day at work and find that off-pink label of Blanc de Noirs, endearingly caress it in your deserving hands and know that we are just as excited as you are when it comes to enjoying it.


Catalan Festival

Written By: Stefanie Bagala

Mother’s Day is just around the corner…. and so is Summer. Combine the two and purchase a mom in your life tickets to the Catalan Festival!

Imagine if you could take a trip to Barcelona, Spain, and raise money for a good cause, all without the transatlantic flight, jet lag and expense.  Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards, located at 23555 Carneros Highway in Sonoma, has found a way to turn this fantasy into reality.  Visit the winery on July 19th and 20th from noon to 4:00 p.m. for the 2014 Gloria Ferrer Annual Catalan Festival, benefiting the Sonoma Valley Education Foundation.  Now in its 22nd year, the two-day festival was established by the Ferrer family of Spain to honor the opening of Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards in 1986, the first Catalan-owned winery in California.  Tickets are on sale here now at or call the winery directly at (707) 996-7256.paella-350

Each day of the festival, guests will stroll Las Ramblas, replicating Barcelona’s popular main street.  Along the way they will sample savory tapas, enjoy paella and cooking demonstrations, and participate in educational seminars, cocktail demonstrations, food & wine pairings and a festive grape stomp.  Acclaimed Gloria Ferrer Carneros sparkling and estate varietal wines, as well as select wines from the Ferrer family’s Spanish wineries, will be available for sipping.  Those captivated by the mood may also learn to dance the traditional Sardana or learn about Havaneras. This year, music and entertainment will be provided by Makru Music and Sol Flamenco.

Honoring its commitment to education, proceeds from this year’s festival will benefit the Sonoma Valley Education Foundation.  Last year, the winery donated $15,000 from festival proceeds to the organization. As part of an ongoing effort, the winery also donates a portion of the sales of every bottle of its gold-medal winning extra virgin olive oil made from the winery’s estate-grown Catalan and Tuscan olives to the foundation.

Order your tickets now as both days end up selling out well before the event!

Celebrity Chef Tour Kitchen


Written By: Stefanie Bagala

For the first time ever, the Celebrity Chef Tour benefiting the James Beard Foundation will visit Sonoma and Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards is proud to play host. Tickets are on sale now for the event, but if you’d like to learn more, please join us LIVE on ToutSuite Social Club on Tuesday, March 11 from 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. PDT. CCT-Dinner-Ticket-graphic

ToutSuite Social Club ( ) is a salon style interactive web platform that allows you to log on from your laptops, iPads or mobile device during the event time, and either watch our show live or enable your webcam and engage in a real-time dialogue with us. You can also ask us questions during the show by tweeting us at @GloriaFerrer. In fact, two lucky participants will win two tickets to the Celebrity Chef Tour! We’ll tell you how during the show.

We’ll visit with Celebrity Chef Tour Event Director Jeff Black via webcam to learn about the tour and the history of the James Beard House, Winemaker Steven Urberg will taste us through several of Gloria Ferrer’s award-winning wines and Chef Andrew Wilson of the Carneros Bistro Wine Bar in Sonoma will go over the amazingly delectable six-course menu planned for the event. Finally, Donté Young of Decadence by FinMarc is back from the Oscars and will be sharing tips on how you can dress your table at home with Celebrity Chef flair! Don’t miss this rare opportunity for exclusive interaction with these wine and food experts.

Want to buy tickets to the Celebrity Chef Tour dinner on April 5th? Purchase here!

We’ll see you all live tonight at 5:00 PM PST!


Cheers To Now

Written By: Stefanie Bagala

If you have a glass of Gloria Ferrer wine, raise it. If you don’t, get one. If you can’t, pretend. Because we here at Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards would like to formally invite you to be our guests here at The Glorious Life.

And what better time?

Yes, we’re rolling out a stylish new package design. And, obviously, there’s this cool, way easier, more fun and informative new website. But it’s also harvest. And this season feels like a coming of age for Gloria Ferrer.

We’ve been hand-nurturing these vineyards for over 25 years. So this season we decided to take a moment to fully appreciate the fruits of our labors. And, in all modesty, the quality of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes grown on our Carneros estate is absolutely peaking. Our wines, while always among California’s most acclaimed, continue to improve.

So we welcome you to our community at a time when there is so much to savor and celebrate.

We hope you’ll join us. Both here at the estate in Sonoma, where you’ll always be given a sparkling welcome. And here on our new website where something is always popping. Sign up for the newsletter. Heck, buy some wine.

You only live once.

Live gloriously.