The Glorious Life: At the Winery

A Note from Mike Crumly – Fall in the Vineyards


Now that harvest has come to an end, our vineyard crew settles down and takes their much need vacations. Although the most important season of the year has commenced, there are still a few housekeeping items to tend to make sure everything in the vineyards is set up to go smoothly come next year’s grape […]

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2016 Glorious Bites Challenge Final Event

Chera Little of Leander, Texas, is the winner of the 2016 Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards Glorious Bites Competition and has earned bragging rights, a custom glass trophy and a check for $5000. Her Miso-Maple Glazed Cod Wonton-Cho’s with Crispy Bok Choy Slaw has been deemed this year’s most glorious appetizer recipe in the country […]

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Mike Crumly Talks About our Fermentation Process


Although the grapes have been harvested and pressed, there are further steps to take in order to make these grapes into the wine we know and love. Our VP of Production, Mike Crumly, walks us through this process from the fermenter to the oak barrels. L1 was harvested on August 20th.  The grapes had a two […]

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Mike Crumly Speaks on the Progress of Harvest 2016


Mike Crumly, explains to us, why Carneros is a great wine growing region and how harvest is progressing. Along with the process of fermentation, first press, and bottling. Read on for his enticing update: “To all my friends once again, We are following the course of Teb’s vine from planting, to grapes, to crusher, through fermentation, […]

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30 Years of Memorable Events


As we celebrate thirty glorious years since the opening of our winery, we look back on the various events we have hosted at the winery over the years. From events celebrating our Catalan heritage to club-exclusive lobster feasts, it’s easy to reminisce on all of the great times. Please join us and divulge into memory lane […]

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Mike Crumly Tells the Story in the Vineyards


Our VP of Production, Mike Crumly, continues to tell the story of Teb’s grapes in the vineyards with an overall glorious re-cap of our 2016 harvest, complete with beautiful action shots and vivid details: “Due to the overwhelming response to my email last Saturday, I thought it would be fun to follow the fate of […]

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A Note from Mike Crumly, VP of Production

sunrise copy

As our 2016 Harvest begins our vineyard managers are busy from the early hours of the morning to the late hours into the night. It is a time they take great pride in, with a serious commitment to perfecting each harvest year after year. Our VP of Production, Mike Crumly, sent a company-wide note filled with […]

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Gloria Ferrer’s Glass Collection

gf 3

Gloria Ferrer has always had a passion for glass collecting. It began while on a trip to Venice, Italy when her father bought her first flute, a beautiful red Murano crystal glass with a golden dauphine in the stem. Ever since then she has collected a glorious glass from every trip she has taken. As […]

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José & Gloria Ferrer’s Story

Gloria Ferrer Jose Ferrer Planting, throwback, young, jose

In the 70’s José and Gloria Ferrer first came to Sonoma, at the end of a California road trip. They fell in love with the area, the name Valley of the Moon, and they dreamt to someday build a winery in Sonoma. In 1982 they stumbled upon a plot of wide open land with sloping […]

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Tasting Room Evolution


Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards was the first sparkling wine house to be built in Carneros. Our culture has often been notable as a combination of vibrant Spanish tradition and casual Sonoma County elegance. This year we celebrate thirty years and reminisce on the changes over the years. This blog celebrates the renovation of our beloved winery, Tasting Room, and Vista Terrace and how it has always maintained its Spanish heritage and Catalan architectural influence.

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How to Throw a Glorious Garden Spring Party


Spring has SPRUNG (here in California at least). The vineyard rows are lined with wildflowers. It’s such a beautiful site that we’re throwing a garden themed party, Bubbles & Blooms, at the winery on April 9, 2016 to showcase the seasonal beauty that spring brings, after all, celebrating is what we do best.  We turned to […]

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Celebrating Spring

B&B festie

Spring is around the corner. We love spring because it’s the time the valley comes alive! Each spring the Sonoma hills are blanketed with wild flowers and it’s common to see mustard flowers in full bloom in our vineyard rows. To celebrate this lively time of year we’ve decided to throw our first ever Bubbles & […]

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2015 Glorious Bites Finals


Four finalists were flown in from around the country and on Saturday October 10th, 2015 they competed for the Glorious Bites title and a $5,000 grand prize. The event took place at our winery in sunny, picturesque Sonoma, California. Guests and friends alike gathered in the arbor for this glorious event. Emcee Leslie Sbrocco kicked off the day by […]

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Introducing Our Newest Wine!

demi sec bottle

Mark your calendars and clear your schedules to come visit us at the winery on November 1st for the release of our brand new 2012 Demi-Sec. With only 1,000 cases made of the 2012 vintage, this is a special addition to our winery. You may have heard of this term before, maybe at another winery, […]

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Glorious Bites Challenge

glorious bites

Aged for a minimum of 18 months, our Sonoma Brut shows delicate pear and floral notes with persistent effervescence and an effortless finish, making it a tremendously versatile sparkling wine. This wine is so versatile it can be paired with a wide array of delectable nibbles. As you know, we’re wild about anything food-related and […]

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Summer Wine & Music Series at Gloria Ferrer

Unwind, relax and join us at the end of your day for a glass of bubbly and live music out on our vista terrace. Starting Thursday July 9th, we will be hosting our Summer Wine & Music Series every Thursday evening throughout the month. Small bites will be available for purchase along with our award […]

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The New Tasting Room and Vista Terrace

The new Gloria Ferrer Tasting Room and Vista Terrace is now open to the public! We’ve completed our four month renovation and could not be happier with the end result. The updated Tasting Room and Vista Terrace is bigger, brighter and better than ever! A few fast facts on the remodel: Remodeled Visitor Center has been expanded […]

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Staff Spotlight: Ryan McAllister

Monthly, this Staff Spotlight blog segment will be here to shine a light on our many Gloria Ferrer employees and get you familiar with the important people behind this bubbly business of ours, if you will! Coming to you live from the Tasting Room is one of our wine educators, Ryan McAllister. Having two years of Gloria Ferrer experience […]

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Our Year in Review: 2014

And just like that… BOOM!  It’s 2015. And what a year 2014 has been! From releasing a new varietal of wine to commencing a renovation of our tasting room (and world as we know it), this year has yielded plenty of noteworthy events to reflect upon. Here is the place to catch up on the past […]

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Staff Spotlight: Jennifer North

Monthly, this Staff Spotlight blog segment will be here to shine a light on our many Gloria Ferrer employees and get you familiar with the important people behind this bubbly business of ours, if you will! Kicking off this blog series is none other than the “Mama Jen” herself–our Assistant Manager of the Visitor’s Center Jennifer North.  This […]

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Gloria’s Twelve Favorite Things | Holiday Gift-Giving

gloria ferrer

As the holidays approach,  so does the inevitable– figuring out the perfect gift to give each of your loved ones. Do you go with “good ol’ faithful”: gift cards to stores that double as a grocery stop and clothing boutique?  I obviously cannot deny the convenience associated with gifting such particular gifts; however, I am here today […]

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Harvest: A Thrilling Tale in a Brief Nutshell

1R 4139 Cropped

  As a consumer, the word harvest doesn’t necessarily make your heart pound a little harder like it does to us over here at Gloria Ferrer. Yet, the word harvest itself triggers a sort of elated excitement for us Gloria Ferrer people (Think six year-old looking into a pillowcase full of Halloween candy.) First of all, harvest […]

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Gloria Ferrer Annual Catalan Festival


Mother’s Day is just around the corner…. and so is Summer. Combine the two and purchase a mom in your life tickets to the Catalan Festival! Imagine if you could take a trip to Barcelona, Spain, and raise money for a good cause, all without the transatlantic flight, jet lag and expense.  Gloria Ferrer Caves […]

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Celebrity Chef Tour Kitchen

For the first time ever, the Celebrity Chef Tour benefiting the James Beard Foundation will visit Sonoma and Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards is proud to play host. Tickets are on sale now for the event, but if you’d like to learn more, please join us LIVE on ToutSuite Social Club on Tuesday, March 11 […]

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Hands on Harvest 2013

With Harvest done and gone at Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards, we finally are able to take a breather and look around at our beautiful changing vineyards. Harvest 2013 was a bountiful one, not only for us, but also for majority of wineries in Northern California due to the very mild weather during the growing […]

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Cheers To Now


If you have a glass of Gloria Ferrer wine, raise it. If you don’t, get one. If you can’t, pretend. Because we here at Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards would like to formally invite you to be our guests here at The Glorious Life. And what better time? Yes, we’re rolling out a stylish new package […]

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