Introducing Our Newest Wine!

Mark your calendars and clear your schedules to come visit us at the winery on November 1st for the release of our brand new 2012 Demi-Sec. With only 1,000 cases made of the 2012 vintage, this is a special addition to our winery. You may have heard of this term before, maybe at another winery, at a restaurant, or perhaps it’s not in your vocabulary at all. Demi-Sec is a literal French translation meaning “half-dry”. Made with Chardonnay, it has a higher dosage (24g/L) than our Bruts (13 g/L), making the Demi-Sec a little sweeter, however the high acidity keeps it in balance. This off-dry wine may surprise you how versatile and delicious it tastes.

You may be shaking your head and saying “No, no, I do not like sweet wines”, “I will not enjoy a Demi-Sec”. Well, do you like an occasional soda or a glass of orange juice? Because the Demi-Sec has three times LESS sugar than either of those beverages. Believe it or not, the original Champagne houses in France produced very sweet sparkling wine to match the taste preference of their consumers.  The British with their dryer palettes and taste preferences, asked for drier Champagnes, and the Brut and Extra Brut styles were born! Off-dry and sweeter style wines are coming back and are trending more than ever!

acidity chartLower the pH, the higher the acidity. High acidity wines give us a dry mouth-feel.

The aromas of this sparkling wine open with bright citrus, sweet honey and a hint of tangy Meyer lemon and tangerine on the nose. The glorious flavors of this bubbly burst with ripened apples, honey, a hint of ginger and a toasty brioche finish. It is a complex half-dry sparkling wine that our winemakers have perfected to a tee. The sweetness in the palate is compensated by the high acidity, making the wine perfectly balanced.

It is also a seamless wine that pairs a large variety of foods. Do not stick to sweeter food! Try pairing with this garlic lemon pasta recipe. The sweetness in the wine will balance the acidity from the lemon in the dish to create a salivating experience for your taste buds.

lemon pasta
Printable Recipe Available Here

Other pairings that go well with our Demi-Sec are: chutneys and dried cheeses like Manchego or Asiago and pungent cheeses like Blue Cheese. If you have a sweet tooth, whip up those cupcakes and throw a bubbles and cupcakes party for you and your favorite friends!

thai chickenPrintable Recipe Available Here

Now if you’re anything like me crazy about foods with spice and heat, the most amazing pairing is hot and spicy dishes such as Thai or Indian foods. And the Gloria Ferrer spicy almonds are an amazing companion! The sweetness in the Demi-Sec balances out the kick in the food and enhances the other flavors in the dish, making it even more enjoyable and flavorful. Try this Spicy Thai-Style Garlic Chicken recipe and don’t forget to grab the bubbles to match!

So come by and try out our latest sparkling wine, Gloria Ferrer Demi-Sec could be your new favorite!

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