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Heirloom Tomatoes

So Fresh and So Clean

Written By: Stefanie Bagala

With the month of August peaking its head out, Gloria Ferrer harvest just days away,  and our backyard Heirloom tomato plants filled to the brim with ripening fruit, it seemed fitting to show you some of our favorite “So Fresh” ideas for dinner and beyond. Let’s be honest, a lot of them feature tomatoes because… well they are just SOOOO fresh and delicious this time of year, how could we not? So, hopefully, you like tomatoes.

1) Dine alfresco: When in doubt… dine out. Patio, porch, deck, lawn, it will work. Don’t have a fancy table and chairs? Throw a blanket down on the grass and have a picnic. Simply being outside on a summer evening either with a cool breeze or in warmer temps just screams August and relaxation. Before you know it, it will be October and dark out and the thought of eating outside will not be so appealing.

2) Spice up everyday recipes with Fresh ingredients. Making spaghetti sauce? Scratch the canned tomatoes and use fresh ones from your backyard or local grocery store. Now is the time for the freshest of them all, so use them. You’ll be kicking yourself for not whipping up a huge batch of marinara using your fresh tomatoes, zucchini and basil to freeze and use the rest of the year. Trust, me I’ve been there and it’s miserable.

3) Comfort meals are perfect for summer too: When you think of comfort food, do you picture meatloaf and the winter? Maybe that is just me. Regardless, comfort food recipes like “BLT’s”, toast with cream cheese, tomato and basil, stuffed tomatoes or spaghetti are especially delicious this time of year.

4) Say no to Stove: Sometimes you just don’t want to turn on the range to cook because the heat is just too much and it’s already hot out. You can still whip up a great meal by creating a mozzarella or burrata and tomato basil salad, or a fresh batch of bruschetta. Paired with some greens, these are the perfect lighter meals for those nights that you just don’t feel like getting crazy in the kitchen.

5) Need a last minute centerpiece? Fill a vase or shallow serving bowl with brightly colored tomatoes. Or pot some miniature herbs in cute containers and place down middle of table. These will create a fresh aroma and will continue to be useful even after the party is over. Place next to some ice buckets filled with Gloria Ferrer Brut Rose, and there you have it, a fresh and clean, summertime meal.